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Are "Likes" Important on Social Media?

If you’re just starting out on your social media marketing journey, or have been going at it for a while but aren’t getting the results you had hoped for, you may be wondering if you should pay attention to page and post LIKES. As it turns out, you not only should think about LIKES – you need to. If you wonder why they are so important, read on! LIKES on social media platforms such as Facebook increase you and your brand’s credibility. If someone LIKES a page on Facebook or a witty post on Twit
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Tips for Staying Organized as a Writer - or Any Other Professional

Tips for Staying Organized as a Writer – or Any Other Professional While most writers are fantastic at their craft, many tend to be more creative than they are analytical. This is the case no matter what country a writer hails from. While being left-brained is a great asset to have in a creativity-based profession, it can cause problems if you want to be an organized professional that excels in your field. Writers tend to see the “big picture”, even when writing highly technical or business-bas

Is plant-based eating the way of the future? It sure is in the Bay Area!

Like many Bay Area residents, you may be hesitant to begin eating vegan food and wonder if there are even any health-based reasons for you to do so. As it turns out, there are many advantages to beginning a vegan diet - read on to learn about three of the main ones you should be aware of. 1. Vegan Food Is Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Disease Vegan diets are rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes and many other foods that have been found to contain important nutrients that can protect against hea
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How to Find the Best HOA Attorney in Phoenix for Your Association

As a member of an HOA, you have a lot on your plate. Finding a dedicated Phoenix area attorney who understands HOA law legal issues as they apply in the state of Arizona may be among the most difficult of your duties. Fortunately, it is easier to choose an appropriate HOA lawyer for your legal needs when you understand what to look for in a reliable attorney. Here are some qualities to watch out for so you can choose the best HOA attorney Phoenix has to offer. You want to ensure that your chose
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Less-Common MIKA Songs You Need to Hear

Image by Kmeron, used under the following license: No changes made, no rights reserved. Fair Use. If you are at least somewhat familiar with MIKA’s music (which, honestly, isn’t all that likely if you are a US reader, which means you should check out my last post about MIKA’s best songs), you probably know his definitive hits, such as “Lollipop,” “We Are Golden,” and the now TikTok-famous “Grace Kelly.” However, unless you’re a die-hard fan, y
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Top Unbelievable Places List | Blog

The Mysterious World has published an article that discusses the top 14 unbelievable places that really exist on planet Earth. Antelope Canyon comes in at number one on this eye-opening list. Anyone who has seen the canyon’s mysterious, awe-inspiring beauty will not be surprised that Antelope received such high praise. Read on to learn more about what the Mysterious World has to say about the Canyon and why it ranked number one on this list. The Most-Visited Canyon in the World Antelope Canyon

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Revolu IT Founder and President - Paula Kircher has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood. After graduating from business school, she pitched the idea of opening a restaurant franchise to a group of investors, and off they went to opening their first restaurant. Although increasing competition and a shifting economy eventually led to the end of this venture, Paula learned valuable lessons in business that she continues to apply today. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work as a

Car Shipping Between From Massachusetts to Chicago: PAL

If you are trying to find the best and easiest way to move across the country with your vehicle, Preowned Auto Logistics is here to help. We offer car shipping from Massachusetts to Chicago, IL. Whether you plan to move to Chicago long-term or are just staying for a short while, our auto transport services have you covered. The Services You Need, Where You Are Our terminals are located throughout Illinois. However, we deliver to any location in the state, including Chicago. We can either bring
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The Multi-Surface Branding Authority™

We use Sharp Mill Graphics regularly at Provisur Technologies. They have a wide range of services that have made it convenient for me to go to them for all of my graphics needs, from pop up banners to building signage. Jeremy and his team always have great recommendations when I don’t know where to start and really walk us through the process as much or little as we need. On top of that, they provide quality work that we are proud to show off in our buildings or at tradeshows. I would highly rec
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Antelope Canyon Tours - Guided by Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours provides one-of-a-kind tours of beautiful Upper Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon is made up of two magnificent slot canyons that lie on land belonging to the Navajo Nation, and is a sacred site of the Navajo People as well as a Navajo Tribal Park that can be accessed by permit only. Antelope serves as a symbol of Mother Nature’s gifts and powers, and entering is a spiritual experience akin to entering a cathedral. It is considered a solemn event de